“Esplora Miami con passione – Your Italian gateway to the Magic City”

Guided Tours in MIAMI and transfer.

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“Discover Miami’s Magic – Your Italian Connection to Sunshine and Adventure”


About Us

Welcome to Andiamo Tours Miami, your ultimate connection to the Magic City! Our mission is to provide the travelers with an authentic, memorable, and uniquely tailored experience of Miami, Florida.

Marco our president, the heart and soul of Andiamo Tours Miami. Originally from Italy, Marco has called Miami home for over a decade, falling in love with the vibrant culture and natural beauty of the city. As a true people person, he brings his passion for connecting with others and his deep knowledge of Miami’s hidden gems to every tour he leads.

Having explored every corner of Miami, Marco is an expert on the city’s history, architecture, gastronomy, and local secrets. His genuine love for the Magic City is contagious, and he is dedicated to sharing it with you in a way that only a fellow Italian can.

Join Marco and our others tour guide on a journey through Miami’s enchanting neighborhoods, pristine beaches, and bustling hotspots, all while enjoying the warmth and camaraderie of your Italian guide. With Andiamo Tours Miami, you’ll feel right at home as you uncover the wonders of this magical city. Let’s explore Miami together, Andiamo!



Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

at Andiamo Tours Miami. We don’t just guide, we provide personalized experiences. Drawing from our deep knowledge of Miami, we tailor each journey to your unique tastes and interests. Turn your Miami dreams into reality with us. Let’s explore together!

Miami City Tour

“Experience the best of Miami with our City Tour. Venture through iconic neighborhoods, admire Art Deco wonders, and soak in the beach views. From Little Havana’s lively culture to Coconut Grove’s chic allure, let our expert guide, Marco, reveal Miami’s magic in a compact, unforgettable adventure.”

Everglades Tour

“Step into the wild with our Everglades Tour. Experience the thrill of an airboat ride through lush wetlands, encounter Florida’s unique wildlife, and learn about the rich ecosystem from our expert guide, Marco. This tour offers an exciting escape from the city, immersing you in the natural beauty of one of America’s most iconic landscapes.”

Key West

“Dive into the laid-back charm of our Key West Tour. Stroll through vibrant streets, visit historic landmarks, and soak in stunning beach views. Under Marco’s expert guidance, uncover the unique culture and history of this island gem in a day-long tropical adventure.”


We provide all kind of transportation

Pick up at the airport or port of Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Transfer to all destinations

Transport charter service




“Mia to South beach transfer in – $50 Pickup inside the airport to the terminal” 

“South Beach to Mia transfer out” –$40

“FFL to South Beach tranfer in. Pick area arrival” – $120

“South Beach to FFL tranfer out” – $120

Prices may change based on location

*max 4 persons.For more contact.

Transport charter service


“Discover Miami’s Magic –

Your Italian Connection to Sunshine and Adventure”


What is included in the tour price?

Each tour includes guided services, transportation, and entrance fees. Please check specific tour details for more information.

Are your tours suitable for children?

Absolutely! Our tours are designed to be enjoyable for all ages. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing children.

What language are the tours conducted in?

Our tours are primarily conducted in Italian, but English and Spanish tours can be arranged upon request.

How can I book a tour?

You can book a tour directly through our website or by contacting us via email or phone.

Join Marco on a journey through Miami’s enchanting neighborhoods, pristine beaches, and bustling hotspots, all while enjoying the warmth and camaraderie of your Italian guide.

Private tours Available upon request

Private round trip transportation from:

Miami International Airport to cruises or hotels

Any trasportation on demand

What Our Clients Say

Italian Tour Guide in Miami


Unforgettable experience with Andiamo Tours Miami! The Everglades tour was a highlight – thrilling airboat ride, incredible alligator show, and Marco’s expertise made it all the more special. The convenient transfer service was just the cherry on top. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an adventure in Miami.

– Antonia


“Our tour with Andiamo Tours Miami was absolutely fantastic! Marco was such a knowledgeable and engaging guide. He brought Miami to life for us, sharing stories and showing us places we never would have found on our own. His Italian charm and passion for the city really shone through. The Everglades tour was a thrilling experience – an absolute must-do when in Miami. We can’t recommend Andiamo Tours Miami highly enough!”